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Chair lift Ráztoka - Pustevny

Chair lift Ráztoka - Pustevny
Trojanovice 477, 744 01 Frenštát p.R.
+420-556 835 993, 739 392 969
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nadmorska_vyska altitude: 1018 m.

Chair lift situated 6 km from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. It goes from Ráztoka (620 m n.m.) to Pustevny (1020 m n.m.).

What is the funicular and services provided?

Chair lift Ráztoka - Pustevny is situated in the area of Radhošť´s mountanious country in altitude of 620 m až 1020 m above sea level. The chair lift is 6 km far from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. Bus connection from Frenštát, dirrection Trojanovice, terminal Ráztoka (parking place for cars).

What are the prices for the year 2019?

The current price list for this year can be found HER >>

What are the opening hours of the funicular?

The standard departures are are every half hour
(current operation please always check on the website
Operator: Pustevny s.r.o.